Meeting called to order at 6:03 P.M.  by Linda.  All board members were in attendance and this constituted a quorum. Linda Ungphakorn, President Sheila Red, Vice-President Abby Weir, Treasurer Rebecca LaCrue, Secretary, Maria Rickman, Member-at-Large.

Residents/owners in attendance:  Ernestine Paoli, Tab Ungphakorn, Debbie Harper, Carol Tapia, Lorna Deges, Janet Soukop, Kathy Elliott, Kathy White, Carol Sandoval, David Weir, Pat Nichol, Virginia Lutes, Gina Capra, Al Nibbe, Rikki Dutton, Patricia Stelter, Kathy Elliot and Dennis McCormick.


Minutes – Not provided by last board.

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Abby Weir

                                       June 2019                 1st Bank Checking $ 53,626.11

                                                                               1st Bank Savings    $ 82,614.80

                                                                                 Money Market        $122,206.33

                                                                                Total Balance         $258,477.24

Superintendent’s Report:  No report from Superintendent

Maintenance Committee Report: Read by Maria Rickman

Hospitality Committee Report: Read by Rebecca LaCrue

Hospitality and Welcoming Committee descriptions were read.

Holiday Party Wednesday, December 11, 2019 5:30pm Community Room

Communication Box: Read by Sheila Red –Address all concerns to the Communication Box.  The Board of Managers will address your concerns with one voice and documentation, if needed.



  • Resignation of Michael Tapia and Gina Capra
  • Letter of Termination to ACCU was sent on October 9, 2019.
  • Requested a close of audit from ACCU
  • Concrete walkways completed by SCG Concrete
  • Apex Plumbing Water Repair was $14,220.00 and total dollar amount of water loss was $33,175.10 as of September 2019.
  • Property Taxes on unit 8 have be paid in the amount $851.93 which includes late fees.
  • Winter reminder : No parking in front during snowstorms



  • Sale of Unit 8 on the market for $174,999.00
  • Valencia will now be self-managed. Cancel you ACH with ACCU after your December payment has been made. More information will be provided once we have chosen a CPA.
  • For added security to our building Board of Manager and Maintenance Committee are researching motion light sensors.
  • Walkways – use caution when leave the building. We have many residents that leave for work early in the morning and superintendent has not removed snow or applied ice melt to walkways yet.
  • Canine Inspection- Thursday, December19, 2019 11:00 am. If you are interested in having your unit inspected please contact Maria Rickman Unit 106.

Open Forum:

Unit 208 and 210 balconies.

Agendas, minutes and financial distribution

Emergencies call a Board Member

Self-management explained

Concrete areas questioned.

Asphalt cracking front driveway

Unit 8 price dropped

Bat droppings will investigate solutions

Stop guard east walkway to be removed.

Activity Room – keep door open

Board of Managers  received a Thank you for their service and prompt handling of water leak.

Motion to adjourn by Sheila Red and seconded by Rebecca LaCrue

Next Board Meeting – January 16, 2020 6P.M. in Community Room