January 16, 2020

Community Room

Meeting called to order at 6:00 P.M. by Linda, All board members present were in attendance and this constituted a quorum:
Linda Ungphakorn, President, Shelia Red, Vice-President, Abby Weir, Treasurer, Rebecca LaCrue, Secretary, and Maria Rickman, Member- at- Large

Residents/Owners in attendance: Mr. & Mrs. Klaus Setter, Mike Volpe, Gloria Volpe, Pat Marino, Rev. Schaffer, Flo Calabrese, Tab Ungphakorn, Debbie Harper, Carol Tapia, Lorna Deges, Janet Soukop, Walter Noetzli, Kathy Elliott, Kathy White, David Weir, Pat Nichol, Virginia Lutes, Gina Capra, Rikki Dutton, John Begly, Renee Wooley, Frances DeLeon Veronica Gaylord, Mary Nicholas, David Weir and Theresa McCormick.

Minutes – Corrections will be made . Minutes were not approved from November meeting.

Introduction: New owner, Frances DeLeon unit 8.

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Abby Weir

November 2019 Petty Cash $773.97
First Bank Checking (Former Mgmt.) $311.45
Operating $ 38,804.99
Savings $82,631.77
Money Market $115,212.44
Money Market Reserves Bonus Money $7,038.81
Total Balance $244,773.43

Superintendent’s Report: 2 resident requests new paint on their outside, hall facing door.

Maintenance Committee Report: Read by Maria Rickman