November 19, 2020

Community Room

Meeting called to order at 6:03 P.M. by Linda. All board members were in attendance and this constituted a quorum. Linda Ungphakorn, President Abby Weir, Vice-President, Patricia Stelter, Secretary/ Treasurer and Maria Rickman, Member-at-Large.

Residents/owners in attendance: None due to Covid-19

Minutes – None.

Treasurer’s Report: Read by Abby Weir

November 30, 2020

1st Bank Checking $ 79,328.05
1st Bank Savings $ 49,285.78
Money Market $291,505.91
Total Balance $420,119.74


Superintendent’s Report: No report from Superintendent

Maintenance Committee Report: None

Hospitality Committee Report: None

Communication Box: Read by Abby Weir -Address all concerns to the Communication Box. The Board of Managers will address your concerns with one voice and documentation, if needed.

Winter reminder : No parking in front during snowstorms!!


E.L. Tippets Consulting Engineers – Has been hired for balconies inspections and overseeing all repairs by contractors $9,500.00.

Altitude Law Contract has been renewed with annual price of $3000.00.

Contract with 5280 Tree company for trimming all trees and bushes on west side of property has been completed cost was $2400.00.

Annual contract with Action Swimming Pool was signed.

Asphalt repairs were done and 21 new car stops were installed.

Maintenance Service Contract signed with ACA Boiler for service and inspections.


• New Cleaning Service (KCS Cleaning Company).
• Maintenance Committee will handle small maintenance issues and all other items will handled by vendors.
• New HOA dues will go in to effect on January 21,2021 with a new HOA mailing address. Non- resident homeowners were sent a reminder by mail and all residents’ reminders were placed in their bins.
• Contract signed with RCI for repair of our three worst balconies. Due to Covid-19 repairs will be done next year.
• Due to the virus, we are not putting up Christmas decorations this year_ We all wish you a Happy Holidays to you and your family.
• Please check out the Board minutes at our website

Open Forum:
Motion to adjourn by Abby Weir and seconded by Patricia Stelter

Next Board Meeting – January 14, 2021