Board of Managers/Property Managers Meeting

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Final Minutes


The February meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. over Zoom. The Board members Patricia Stelter, Sally Schuessler, Lynda Sawyer, Angela Setter, and Abby Weir were present. Six homeowners participated. The HOA is under self-management, and the Board members are the acting Property Management Company.


Patricia welcomed everyone to the February meeting.


Maintenance Committee

 Abby reported on a few items the committee is working on, such as locating and installing building security motion lights, weekly monitoring of the boiler, and replacing lights throughout the building.

Hospitality Committee

Lynda reported that homeowners have been getting together for card parties and festivities, including a Valentine’s Day gathering.


The Board approved January 20, 2022, board meeting minutes. Angela made a motion to approve, Abby seconded it, all approved.


Angela discussed the December financials and that we came in just under operating budget. We still had a few accounting revisions, so we hope to have the reconciled financial statements before March from the HOA Accountant. We will review them at the next meeting.

The ASR project is moving forward. The goal is to finish in March or April. We have approximately $150,000ish more to pay to ASR. Mr. Tippets, Project Engineer, is also on track with the City of Wheat Ridge inspection.


At the end of 2021, one homeowner was on the accounts receivable list for a late fee. Diane is working with the resident


• Trash Chute Cleaning – The Board has one bid and is waiting for one more.
• New trash and recycle vendor – A contract is still in the wor s. The Board is working with the current company to improve service.
• Roof repairs are completed.
• ACA Boiler Service Contract covers four preventative maintenance inspections. They just did one on January 28, 2022. On March 3, 2022, another company authorized by the State of Colorado will conduct the State Certification or Pressure Vessel Inspection required every two years for Valencia Condos to comply with regulations.
• Elevator 5-year Witness Inspection was conducted 2/16/2022. We will post the findings once the Board receives them.
• Communication Box – The Board responds to the comments, and generally, a letter is placed under the homeowner’s door or mailbox.
• The emergency evacuation plan is on the Board’s radar, and information is being posted throughout the building.
• Update building signage – fire notebook, emergency numbers are updated, and information is being posted to raise awareness.


• Parking lot signage and striping – The next step is to evaluate the conditions around the building and see about bids for striping and signage replacement.
• The landscape contract is in the third year of the contract.
• Tree and bush evaluation will be done soon with the landscape contractor. One bush is bug-infested and is going to be removed.
• Building notices are being placed by the elevator and throughout the building.
• Window Cleaning – The Board wants to explore vendors and the cost to clean the windows that typically don’t get cleaned by the janitorial service, such as the lobby windows.
• Homeowners have been asking about a Spring roll-off dumpster. May looks to be an excellent time to have the dumpster brought in. As soon as a date is set, notices will be posted.


Angela moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:27 p.m. Abby seconded. All approved to adjourn the meeting.


A homeowner expressed her appreciation for all the hard work the Board does and is doing on behalf of the homeowners. There was discussion that some signage in the back parking lots was probably not worth the cost. The signage in the front parking lot was seen as favorable.

Updating the parking lot striping was seen as uplifting a sad building exterior. Trash and recycling problems have been going on since April 2021. Patricia shared that the company uses the excuse of staff shortages and truck breakdowns. Comments about the fantastic snow removal work were heard. David, Abby, Sally, and Patricia were all thanked for cleaning sidewalks and shoveling snow!