Board of Managers/Property Managers Meeting

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Final Minutes


The president called the April meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. over Zoom. The Board members Patricia Stelter, Sally Schuessler, Angela Setter, Lynda Sawyer and Abby Weir were present. The HOA is under self-management, and the Board members are the acting Property Management Company.


Patricia welcomed everyone to the April meeting. She said the ASR balcony project is very close to being done, and a few minor punch list items are left to resolve.

Patricia let everyone know of the recent increase in vandalism issues related to cars and trespassing concerns. She outlined that if a crime is taking place, call 911 immediately. If a crime has already occurred, not in process, please report it to the Wheat Ridge Police Department non-emergency number 303-237-2220.

Signs have been posted around the building to help residents respond to issues per Wheat Ridge Police Department. Another option to improve exterior building security is adding lights. We want to get some bids for lights and installation costs.


Maintenance Committee

Abby reported on committee activities.

  • The committee extended two downspouts on the back building entrances, repaired a cinder block wall on the NE entrance, and posted no trespassing signs.
  • Gen-Tech, a generator company, looked at the building generator and made recommendations for an annual service to be performed. Since 2019, no maintenance services have been scheduled or done. The Board has received a bid from Gen-Tech and is planning an annual service. The Board also received information regarding how to use the generator. The information is educational and posted in the boiler room.
  • The boiler indicator information is also updated and tracked on a form next to the boiler. The committee replaces burnt-out light bulbs and broken light fixtures regularly.

Hospitality Committee

Lynda reported on committee activities.

  • No HOA events recently. Residents are gathering for various activities.
  • The HOA community dumpster will be onsite May 6 – 8, and there are posts throughout the building.


  • The Board approved March 17, 2022, board meeting minutes. Angela motioned to approve, and Abby seconded it. All approved.


Angela discussed the February financials. Diane is not done with March 2022 yet.  

  • She noted that we had small savings in January, but the operational expenses were higher in February due to the annual sewer bill of $13,176. We are only two months into the new year, and the Board anticipates increased in expenses such as insurance, gas, and heat. Abby motioned to approve, and Lynda seconded it. All approved.
  • The ASR project is wrapping up. Final inspections are in progress. In February, the HOA paid $107,085.79 to ASR and $2,550.00 to the Project Engineer.

Membership Report

  1. Accounts Receivable – None.
  2. Liens – One lien.


  • Negotiations with Summit Waste and Recycling are wrapping up. The HOA has notified Waste Connections that we are terminating their contract.
  • Bids for both lobby window cleaning and parking lot striping are in progress.
  • A roll-off dumpster will be onsite late afternoon Thursday, May 5, Friday, May 6, through the weekend of May 7 & 8. Residents will be able to discard unwanted items for free. Please check out a posting around the building for details.
  • Contracts should go up in the next week or so on the website.


  • Patricia talked about the Board reviewing various carport paint bids since last year. Paint Denver submitted the best estimate of $7,395 for the whole project. Angela made a motion that the Board approves the estimate. Abby seconded it. All approved.
  • The project will kick off Monday, May 16, 2022, and last five days. The area will need to be empty of vehicles and all other personal items during the project workdays. Communications about the project will be forthcoming.
  • Patricia reminded all the homeowners and residents that Valencia Condos is a NO PET building unless the Board pre-approves a situation in writing. NO PETS cover everything that is not a human. Permission may also be revisited and revoked depending on circumstances.


  • Angela moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:24 p.m. Abby seconded. All approved.


  • A homeowner expressed concern about checking the oil in the generator. In years past, that was an issue. Angela responded it is part of the Annual Service items they got from Gen-Tech. Abby also said the tech looked at the level when he visited, and it was okay. The Annual Service cost estimate is $850 because the building needs a new battery plus maintenance.
  • A homeowner expressed concern that new residents/owners may not know that NO Balcony Floor Covering is permitted. Any floor covering causes water/moisture to be trapped underneath and deteriorate the new concrete. The current owners have just spent a lot of money to correct the issues and don’t want to have to do this again.
  • A homeowner expressed concern that the minutes are vague, and it isn’t easy to understand where projects are at in being done. For example, the security lights old business item has been on the agenda for months. Patricia explained that she was previously going to purchase the lights. The plan was then to have the Maintenance Committee install them. That has not become the best course of action as we have learned. Patricia said she is now contacting companies who work in this area and see what it costs.
  • A homeowner asked for clarification from Angela regarding her comment that she was “very worried about the carport condition.” Angela explained that the longer the deterioration of the building occurs, the paint/repair cost will continue to increase. The homeowner agreed.
  • A homeowner asked Angela for clarification regarding what she meant by savings in the budget. Angela explained that we don’t spend all the funds in the planned operational budget in some months, but in other months, we spend more. That keeps us on target with the overall budget. Angela noted the sewer bill in February is paid in full for the year and did go up from last year. The expense took us over budget in February. Overall, annual costs are going up. $2,333 is put into reserves monthly.
  • A homeowner expressed satisfaction with the landscaping maintenance company’s work. Angela mentioned the Board recently met with the company and did a complete property walk identifying areas of concern.
  • Angela also discussed the Board has asked KC for a bid to add more rock around the building, identify sprinkler improvements that could save water, remove dead bushes, and trim trees that need it.
  • Several homeowners expressed gratitude to the Board for all their work. Also, they said they should toot their own horn about all the work. That communication would also prepare owners for the HOA dues increases because costs are going up.

Open Form finished at 6:51 p.m.