Board of Managers/Property Managers Meeting

May 19, 2022

Final Minutes


The president called the May meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. over Zoom. The Board members Patricia Stelter, Sally Schuessler, Angela Setter, Lynda Sawyer, and Abby Weir were present. The HOA is under self-management, and the Board members are the acting Property Management Company.



Patricia welcomed everyone to the May meeting and briefly went over the following list of items the Board worked on in Q1 of 2022.  

  • Homeowners received a 2021 Year-End Letter with financial information. 
  • Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaners cleaned the building carpets in January. 
  • In March, the State inspected the building boiler. It is certified for the next two years. 
  • In March, MEI inspected the elevator for the 5-Year Elevator State Inspection regulations.  
  • ASR completed the balcony restoration project in April.
  • In mid-May, paint Denver painted the carport, back shed, and pool fence.  
  • Mid-May, the HOA contracted with Summit Trash and Recycling.
  • The HOA sponsored a Spring Dumpster Roll-Off Event in early May. 
  • Posting HOA vendor contracts are in progress. 
  • Forty homeowners and residents provided the HOA email addresses. 
  • The Maintenance and Hospitality Committees resumed activities in January. 
  • The HOA sold extra furniture in the community room. 
  • Patricia asked homeowners and residents to avoid placing floor coverings on the newly completed balcony due to the damaging impact of moisture on concrete. 


Committee Reports


Maintenance Committee Report

Abby reported carport painting project was complete. Thank you all-around to everyone involved for moving cars and completing the project without delay and a good outcome. Boiler and generator tracking is being done weekly on Friday morning. The committee is seeking volunteers. Contact Patricia if you are interested. 


Hospitality Committee 

Patricia said no HOA events recently or planned.



The Board approved April 21, 2022, meeting minutes. Angela motioned to approve, and Abby seconded it. All approved.


Angela discussed March’s financials and that Diane had not sent over April’s financials to the Board. She went over the Budget and Actual report. Noted in March, occupancy costs were lower than in February due to the sewer bill in February being $13,176. Total overhead cost is running to budget. The operational budget is overextended by approximately $1,500 due to the February cost. According to Diane, the accountant, the reserve budget is at approx. $76,000. The Board approved March Financials. Sally motioned to approve, and Abby seconded it.  


Membership Report

Angela reported no active account receivable and one homeowner lien.



Patricia discussed the need for more emails from homeowners and residents. The goal is to save money by avoiding costly printing and postage. Patricia noted that postings around the building are essential. Please read and do not remove or vandalize.



Patricia let homeowners and residents know the Board has received several proposals for Property Management. An interview will occur soon. The pool will not open on Memorial Day due to Action Pool dropping us and the difficulty of finding a new provider.   



Sally noted that signs have been updated and posted to address the dogs and people on the front lawn. Also, the geese seem to be gone from the swimming pool tarp. 



Angela moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:32 p.m. Sally seconded it. All approved.



A homeowner provided the Board with an email address.

A homeowner asked that the Board not consider ACCU as a Property Manager. All agreed. 

A homeowner asked about Action Pool. When she contacted them, Patricia discussed that they were already booked for the season and had no staff to serve us.


Open Form finished at 6:40 p.m.